A team with a skilful vision

Tiqana is a spin-off from TargamaT, a team of committed content professionals, with more than 25 years experience of working majorly in the technical and scientific knowledge areas in English, French, German, Spanish and Arabic.

Our network extends well beyond the team, so we are able to call upon expertise in many specialist areas to help organizations and people working in different education institutions in the Arab world.

The experience and expertise gained by TargamaT team over its two and half decades of operations extends beyond technical conent proficiency to include scientific knowledge management and to provide solutions in a partnership for success.


Oussama Rabi

Portal Managing Director

Work in Switzerland/France on IT systems management and on Arabic content production since 25 years.

PhD in Physics from University of Paris XIII and a Diploma in Fine Arts from The ENSBA in Paris.

عدنان جنيد

المسؤول التقني

بعص الشرح بعض الشرح بعض الشرح بعض الشرح


الترجمة العلمية

يعمل فريق ترجمات على تطوير المحتوى العلمي العربي المترجم منذ عام 2005 من خلال نشر المقالات والكتب باللغة العربية.

يشرف فريق ترجمات على المحتوى المترجم في البوابة وعلى نوعيته وسيكون مسؤولًا عن اختيار المقالات العلمية من أجل ترجمتها.


تصميم الوثائق العلمية

بعص الشرح بعض الشرح بعض الشرح بعض الشرح